1. Teddy Roosevelt Empire Builder

    Teddy Roosevelt
    Teddy Roosevelt_Gold Dust Twins vintage ad

    American Exceptionalism was sold as aggressively to the public as a box of soap. Vintage Advertisement Gold Dust Twin Washing Powder 1910 featuring Teddy Roosevelt, Uncle Sam and The Gold Dust Twins.

    America has a long history of flexing our formidable global muscles, confident that our take charge performance, and American ways would be gladly received wherever we went.

    If the American Century…

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  2. A Cheap Shot at Kent State

    A Cheap Shot at Kent State Another stain on the questionable taste of Urban Outfitters

    Kent State sweatshirt Urban Outfitters 2014
    Kent State Sweatshirt Life magazine cover Tragedy At Kent State

    Long before the tragedies of Sandy Hook, Virginia tech and Ferguson created public outrage, the country was reeling by the senseless and brutal murders at point-blank range that took place at Kent State, when National Guardsmen leveled their guns and aimed and fired into the crowd of students. (L) Urban Outfitters tasteless vintage Kent State Sweatshirt 2014 (R) Life magazine May 15, 1970 Tragedy…

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  3. Remembering The World Trade Center


    World trade Center Ad  1988
    Remembering World Trade Center

    The NY Spectacle Began at the World Trade Center (R) Vintage ad 1988 World Trade Center highlighting the 107 floor viewing platform

    News of the 9/11 tragedy found its way to me through the antiquated airwaves of a vintage Bakelite radio.

    Only days before, I had moved from the New York I loved to one of its  leafy suburbs. Without cable or satellite hooked up there was no television service, so…

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  4. Joan Rivers- A Cut-Up on Vinyl

    Joan Rivers Album Cover The Next to Last Joan Rivers Album
    celebrities Joan Rivers record Album

    When it comes to remembering Joan Rivers, forget about plastic surgery. Long before she went under the knife, she was a real cut-up on vinyl. “The Next to Last Joan Rivers Album” 1969 Live from Upstairs at the Downstairs” NYC

    The first week of school at Syracuse University was overwhelming.

    Nerves and insecurities were kicking into high gear as we unpacked our familiar belongings in this new…

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  5. Farewell to NY’s Joan Rivers


    Playbill Joan Rivers "Fun City" 1972
    Broadway Playbill Joan Rivers Fun City

    “Fun City” a 1972 Broadway show co-written by Joan Rivers who co-starred with Paul Ford, Rose Marie and Gabriel Dell. This short-lived show ran but a week. It’s opening date was Jan 2, 1972 closing Jan 8, 1972.

    Today we bid farewell to a quintessential  New York dame – Joan Rivers.

    I first saw Joan Rivers live in 1972 in Fun Citya Broadway show about NY.  Bringing her sharp brand of humor to the…

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  6. Back to School Shoes

    vintage illustration children at shoe store
    kids fashion back to school ad 1957

    Back to School. Vintage ad Sears Back to School Clothes 1957

    It was the day before Labor Day 1957 and the countdown had begun for the end of summer and the new school term.

    From Long Island to Little Rock, crisp black and white marbled composition notebooks were hastily purchased, and last-minute yellow Dixon number 2 lead pencils skillfully sharpened.

    I need shoes, she needs shoes all children…

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  7. Saying So Long to Summer

    Vintage illustration childrens book
    vintage woman with Kodak brownie movie camera at beach

    Vintage ad Kodak Brownie Movie Camera 1957

    Bidding the Beach Club Goodbye

    Labor Day signaled the last call at my Grandmothers Long Island beach club.

    Just as white shoes would make their final appearance of the season, so it was time to bid the sandy white beach goodbye as the summer of 1961 came to a close.

    End of a Mid-Century Summer

    By late afternoon on Labor Day, the wind at the beach club…

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  8. Our Friend The Policeman

    vintage illustration policeman

    vintage illustration policeman and militarized police

    How is our friend the policeman helping to keep the streets safe?

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  9. Nuclear Family Vacation in the Nuclear Age

    Nevada Test Site Postcard
    nuclear family vacation postcard nevada test site

    Greetings From the Nevada Test Site- Wish You Were Here!

    Vacationing was a real blast in the Atomic Age!

    For a merry-go-round of real nuclear family fun, no trip out west was truly complete without a visit to the Nevada Test Site for a bird’s-eye view of a genuine nuclear blast…the greatest show on earth!

    In the 1950’s the Atomic Energy Commission decided that Utah and Nevada with its so-called…

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  10. Better Vision For Better Living Pt II

    Vintage ad American Optical 1958
    vintage 1950s  ad illustration little girl wearing glasses

    Better Vision for Better Living- Celebrating 125 years of Research Vintage ad American Optical Company 1958

    The eyes have it- “Better Vision for Better Living” seems to be my mantra for this summer.

    The Road to Health vintage schoolbook  illustrations children reading 1950s

    Vintage school book illustrations from “My First Health Book: The Road to Health” 1951 Laidlaw Brothers Inc.

    Despite the fact I diligently heeded my mothers admonitionsto sit up…

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