1. Saying So Long to Summer

    Vintage illustration childrens book
    vintage woman with Kodak brownie movie camera at beach

    Vintage ad Kodak Brownie Movie Camera 1957

    Bidding the Beach Club Goodbye

    Labor Day signaled the last call at my Grandmothers Long Island beach club.

    Just as white shoes would make their final appearance of the season, so it was time to bid the sandy white beach goodbye as the summer of 1961 came to a close.

    End of a Mid-Century Summer

    By late afternoon on Labor Day, the wind at the beach club…

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  2. Our Friend The Policeman

    vintage illustration policeman

    vintage illustration policeman and militarized police

    How is our friend the policeman helping to keep the streets safe?

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  3. Nuclear Family Vacation in the Nuclear Age

    Nevada Test Site Postcard
    nuclear family vacation postcard nevada test site

    Greetings From the Nevada Test Site- Wish You Were Here!

    Vacationing was a real blast in the Atomic Age!

    For a merry-go-round of real nuclear family fun, no trip out west was truly complete without a visit to the Nevada Test Site for a bird’s-eye view of a genuine nuclear blast…the greatest show on earth!

    In the 1950’s the Atomic Energy Commission decided that Utah and Nevada with its so-called…

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  4. Better Vision For Better Living Pt II

    Vintage ad American Optical 1958
    vintage 1950s  ad illustration little girl wearing glasses

    Better Vision for Better Living- Celebrating 125 years of Research Vintage ad American Optical Company 1958

    The eyes have it- “Better Vision for Better Living” seems to be my mantra for this summer.

    The Road to Health vintage schoolbook  illustrations children reading 1950s

    Vintage school book illustrations from “My First Health Book: The Road to Health” 1951 Laidlaw Brothers Inc.

    Despite the fact I diligently heeded my mothers admonitionsto sit up…

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  5. Remembering Lauren Bacall

    Lauren Bacall
    1944 Betty Coed and betty bacall

    A Tale of two Betty’s (L) My co-ed Mother Betty 1944 (R) Betty Bacall studio shots 1944

    It was 1944. It was wartime.

    The patriotism was so thick you could cut it with a knife. A rotund-and darn proud of it- Kate Smith was belting out “God Bless America” causing a lump to form in all our throats while a skinny kid from Jersey named Frank Sinatra was causing mass hysteria with millions from the…

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  6. Road Trips and Rest Stops

    vintage illustration couple in car
    vintage illustration vacationers traveling in car

    Pack up and Go!

    Summer road trips have long been an American staple.

    Joining the millions of other mid-century family’s, my own suburban family took to the road in search of summertime family fun.

    Want to beat the heat…it was easy to cool off by car. Roll down the windows and take the swelter out of summer!

    Summer Vacation vintage image 1950s family in car at gas station

    Vintage Texaco Ad 1958

    Loading the family in our Plymouth Savoy – the car…

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  7. The Beat of the Suburbs

    vintage picture vintage woman in chefs hat
    vintage suburbs split level couple barbecue

    For some, the suburbs were a splendid split level paradise

    The suburbs of postwar Long Island silently simmered in a preordained sameness, no more so than in the summer.

    Summer days were metered out in predictable beats.

    Smoky backyard barbecues were a ho-hum summer staple of mid-century suburban life, but our annual king-sized barbecue for my mother’s birthday had a rhythm and tempo of its own.

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  8. The Missisles and Sandcastles of Summer

    vintage illustration at the beach 1950s

    Summer Missiles and Sand

    As eye brows are raised as Russia tests a new ground launched cruise missile, my thoughts drifted to those pre-test treaty times when the sight of a truck toting  a missile was just part of Cold war summer fun.

    Summer beach traffic during the Cold War had its own special flare.

    The huge-wrap around picture window in the rear of my Grandmothers Cadillac  offered unexcelled visibility to see and…

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  9. When Good Humor Ruled the Suburbs

    Vintage boy eating Ice Cream
    illustration happy children running

    You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream!

    Growing up in mid-century Long Island, no  sound was more welcome than the suburban siren call of summer – the seductive jingling  bells of the Good Humor truck.

    Normally at the first ring of that irresistible ding-a-ling-ling, slippery tots would jump out of vinyl sided pools, Stan Muesial baseball mitts were tossed unceremoniously to the…

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  10. The Best Bedroom Secret

    Vintage ad Englander Mattress
    retro husband and wife in bedroom

    “Got The Right Man? Then Keep Him Right With the Right Kind of Mattress!” Vintage ad Englander Mattress 1946

    It’s no secret that the key to a good marriage lies in the bedroom.

    But for the young inexperienced mid-century wife who had no one to discuss such intimate marriage details with, where was she to turn?

    Was the Honeymoon Over? happy 1940s husband and wifeover coffee

    Vintage Ad Englander Mattress 1945 “Better Rest Makes Better…

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