1. The Best Bedroom Secret

    Vintage ad Englander Mattress
    retro husband and wife in bedroom

    “Got The Right Man? Then Keep Him Right With the Right Kind of Mattress!” Vintage ad Englander Mattress 1946

    It’s no secret that the key to a good marriage lies in the bedroom.

    But for the young inexperienced mid-century wife who had no one to discuss such intimate marriage details with, where was she to turn?

    Was the Honeymoon Over? happy 1940s husband and wifeover coffee

    Vintage Ad Englander Mattress 1945 “Better Rest Makes Better…

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  2. An Atomic Fairy Tale

    Atomic Attack Survival Fairy Tale cinderella and her prince

    Atomic Fairy Tale

    1950 was Cinderella’s year.

    My mother Betty knew it was an omen. After 6 long years of waiting, Disney’s much anticipated movie, Cinderella was finally opening and now Betty Joseph’s days of waiting were over too- she was getting married.

    Her prince had come! Albeit her prince, my future father Marvin, hailed from the less than regal Astoria Queens.

    And it seemed to be no…

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  3. Picture You With Yogi Berra

    illustration Yogi Berra 1963
    vintage ad Yogi Berra 1963

    Be the first in your neighborhood to start a collection- you can have your picture with your choice of 200 players!  Vintage ad 1963

    What mid-century boy wouldn’t love having his photo hanging in an all-star’s locker?

    “Kids! Get your photo with your favorite Big League Star” grinning Yankees catcher Yogi Berra beckons in this 1963 ad. “Imagine a photo of your favorite Big League star hanging…

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  4. No Time to Tan

    vintage self tanner
    Vintage ad Elizabeth Arden Velva Leg Film

    Vintage ad Elizabeth Arden Velva Leg Film

    Long before self tanners, and micro mist airbrush tanning sprays flooded the market, a retro a gal need only apply a good film of bronzer to give herself show girl legs.

    Learn how tan-in-a-bottle might have helped a pale-face gal face the summer.

    In the summer of 1944, Doris had a big date with a dreamy Staff Sergeant and she was desperate.

    Gentlemen may…

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  5. A Wash & Wear Summer

    vintage woman and man 1960s
    vintage 1960 photo woman and man

    Life was a colorful, carefree wash n’ wear world

    Summertime and the living was easy especially in the post war world of wash n’ wear clothing.

    Summer and synthetics was a match made in chemical lab heaven.

    The easy care revolution in textiles was always in full display at my suburban summertime family barbecues.

    synthetics fashion 60s SWScan02268

    The World is Yours….especially in these Arnel Triacetate separates just right for…

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  6. Happy July Fourth

    vintage woman dressed in revolutionary war outfit drumming
    vintage illustration female revolutionary war drummer

    1938 Vintage ad Chesterfield Cigarettes

    Have a Smokin’ Independence Day!

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  7. All American Barbecue

    suburbs barbecue 57
    suburbs family barbecue 1957 The Smell of Democracy in the Air

    Every July 4th our split level development would be shrouded by the smoke of burning charcoal, the sizzling smell of democracy was in the air.

    Besides a parade, nothing was more quintessentially American than a July fourth back yard barbecue. Like some sacred Old Testament tradition of sacrificing an animal to please the Lord, every Independence Day a burnt…

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  8. How to Look Butch In Your Crew Cut

    How to Look Butch In Your Crew Cut

    vintage illustration boy in crew cut

    Vintage Illustration 1960s teen boy surfer

    Long before Crew Cuts was the name of J. Crews adorable line of clothing for boys and girls, it was mid- century summers must have hair cut for boys of all ages.

    Also known affectionately as a butch cut, a buzz cut and a flat top, it was, along with baseball, camping, and Good Humor, an essential part of summer’s ritual. Getting your hair shorn was a rite of passage for the boys of summer.


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  9. Celebrating Sunglasses

    vintage image men and woman in sunglasses 1960
    vintage image woman wearing sunglasses

    Cool Shades

    Break out your Wayfarers…today is National Sunglasses Day!

    Accustomed to sporting cool shades I have of late been seen skulking about in those oversize, black, wraparound sunglasses so very chic amongst the senior set in Bocca Raton.

    Though hardly ready for a retirement home, I have been required to wear these temporarily because of recent eye surgery.

    Sunglasses worn solely to…

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  10. Locked in The American Dream Closet

    Locked in The American Dream Closet

    painting Paul Cadmus YMCA Locker Room
     YMCA Locker Room PaulCadmus

    YMCA Locker Room painted by Paul Cadmus 1931. The Locker room is the 63rd Street Y in NYC where artist Cadmus went for exercise. He painted it from memory in far away Majorca which was where my Uncle Harry encountered his former classmate

    In the 1930’s. my bachelor  Uncle Harry was a social realist painter who learned the bitter social realities that surrounded a gay man in early 20th century…

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