1. Salute to Secretaries Day

    vintage illustration secretary
    vintage ad IBM typewriter secretary at desk

    Vintage ad 1953 IBM Electric Typewriter “Typing all day is easy and effortless. At 5 o’clock you’ll look fresh and free from fatigue”

    Who can forget the halcyon days when Administrative Professional Day was called National Secretaries Day ? When a working woman was a working girl.

    Lovingly called “the girl” by her boss whether a secretary, receptionist or file clerk, she was happy to oblige…

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  2. Post War Pesticides on Parade

    man smoking cigarettes gardening
    vintage illustration man and woman gardenining

    1954 advertisement

    Breathe Easier

    Mid Century America was the golden age of pesticides and it was love at first sight. Any thoughts about Earth Day and the environment lay far in the future.

    Thousands of new chemicals were put to use in new and amazing products, quickly tested and just as quickly rushed to market.

    Now you could get relief for your garden the modern, speedy way. Pesticides.…

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  3. Chocolate Easter Bunnies

    vintage illustration factory workers Chocolate Easter Bunnies
    Easter Whitmans ad illustration Easter Bunnies

    Vintage ad Whitman’s Sampler for Easter 1951

    For some, Easter is all about the candy

    Candy manufacturers have all hopped on the Easter candy bandwagon by painting some pastel colors on their usual year round candy. From Reese’s Pieces Pastel Easter Egg Candy or Whopper’s Robin Eggs, regular every day candy decked out in holiday hues just doesn’t count as real Easter candy.

    You can call it M&M’s…

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  4. Gender Pay Gap Benefits

    vintage photo husband wife sexist
    Sallyedelsteincollage appropriated images collage

    “Men in Charge” collage by Sally Edelstein

    Republican activist Phyllis Schlafly has some advise for all the single ladies out there.

    Quit yer whining about the gender pay gap!

    All you husband hunting gals listen up – accepting a lower paycheck is a small price to pay for finding a better breadwinner husband.

    Give Me That Old Time Anti Feminism sexist ad Honeywell 51

    Vintage Advertisement Honeywell Heaters 1951


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  5. Passover Tears

    Vintage Liptons Soup Mix

    food Liptons soup SWScan05443 - Copy

    Like Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix produced no tears.

    That dehydrated marvel of mid-century cookery was a staple in my Mothers repertoire. Mom joined the legion of happy homemakers who were overjoyed at the development of dehydrated soup cooking.

    Besides being the backbone of the classic California Onion Dip, that pride and joy of every self respectable suburban…

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  6. Then and Now: Mad Men World of 1969

    illustration man in hat
    vintage illustration Man in hat and , psychedelic image

    Then and Now: The Mad Men World Changes

    As Mad Men finishes its bumpy ride through the tumultuous decade of the 1960s it makes an anything but a soft landing in 1969, splashing down in laid back do your own thing California.

    Riding the wave of advertising’s creative revolution has been as tempestuous for Don Draper as the decade itself.

    The real mad men of Madison Avenue responded and evolved…

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  7. You’ve Come a Long Way Peggy Olson

    vintage illustration secretary
    Peggy Mad Men Comic career girl

    Mad Men’s Peggy Olson Big Time Career Girl (R) Vintage DC Comics
    “This is the big chance I’ve been waiting for! I mustn’t fail this time! Not love or anything else is going to keep me from success!”

    We have watched with pride as Mad Men’s Peggy Olson has risen from the ranks of treading water in the secretarial pool to swimming with the big fishes on Madison Avenue.

    As the Mad Men at Sterling…

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  8. The Occidental Oriental

    vintage illustration chinese chef
    Food Chun King  ad housewife 1950s holding cans

    Vintage Ad Chun King American Chinese Food 1957

    My Mom was one smart cookie…fortune cookie that is.

    When my mid-century Mom wanted to go exotic..she’d go Oriental and thanks to Chun King canned chow mein it was cantoneasy !

    Like many mid-century housewives, when she wanted to add some exotic glamor appeal to our family meals, a trip to the Orient was as nearby as her electric can opener.


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  9. Learning to Count - Equal Pay Day

    Learning to Count – Equal Pay Day

    Vintage School Book "Learning Numbers " 1952
    Vintage schoolbook illustrations

    Vintage Schoolbook Illustrations

    While learning how to count in elementary school …we also learned who counted.

    Instructions in arithmetic, the school books informed the reader, were geared “to help the pupil appreciate the ways in which numbers function in the activities of daily life” and the authors of these mid-century elementary schoolbooks hoped “to give pupils real life problems to solve,…

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  10. The Great American Slip Up

    Vintage Illustration Girl
    Vintage Illustration suprised girl

    Vintage Illustration 1951

    Americans seem to love the opportunity to embarrass themselves…almost as much as we love to watch ‘em.

    And if there is money involved so much the better.

    Between the internet and reality TV the possibilities for voluntary public humiliation are endless, satisfying an insatiable audience salivating for some slip up.

    But long before the existence of these platforms for…

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